Martian Passport Smart Watch

Martian Passport Smart Watch with black leather band
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Martian Passport – The World First Voice Command Smartwatch

From the company that invented the world’s first voice command watch comes the Martian Passport. With impressive executive styling, the Martian Passport speaks for itself with a polished rectangular case that tops a Bluetooth smart watch styled for individuals who want a stately analog timepiece. Martian Passport acts as a hands-free gateway to the world, allowing users to see incoming calls and messages, make and receive calls through the watch’s discreet speaker and microphone, and do anything a smartphone can execute with a voice command. Martian Passport is a game-changing hand-free solution for smartphone users.

Get Informed

Be notified with caller ID, text messages, email, social media, calendar events and reminders with a colored light, vibration and scrolling display screen.

Voice Command & Control

Leave your phone in your pocket, purse or backpack and access your phone’s voice commands from your wrist. Get weather, a sports score, map directions, etc. – or create a reminder or appointment. Unlike Bluetooth headsets, Martian is stylish, comfortable and easy to wear all day.

Answer or Place a Call

There are times when it’s just not easy to reach your phone – for example: working out, carrying groceries, even snow skiing. Now you can have that conversation simply by pressing a button and using your watch as a speaker phone.

Hands-Free Text Messaging on the Go

The perfect partner for your smartphone, Martian enables seamless hands-free voice-to-text and text-to-voice messaging on iPhone 4S and above and Samsung S-Voice phones.

Martian Passport Smart Watch white face, stainless steel casing with leather band

Martian Passport Smart Watch white face, stainless steel casing with leather band
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Style & Technology

The perfect hands-free partner for your smartphone, the Passport gives you the sophisticated voice-command features that you want in an impressive, stylish timepiece. Its convenience, fashion and function are unsurpassed. When you wear a Passport, it says that you’ve arrived in high style and high technology.

  • Stay connected with hands-free convenience and voice-command control
  • Impeccable analog timepiece belies its Bluetooth high-technology functions
  • Directional speaker and noise-cancelling microphone
  • Traditional design complements your professional attire
  • Compatible with mobile phones with integrated voice command functions
  • The Martian Leash alerts you with vibration and LED light so you don’t leave your smartphone behind
  • With camera mode, you can all be in the group photo because you can trigger your phone’s camera shutter from your Martian Watch

Product Features

  • Use Voice Commands – Create calendar events, check weather & directions, set an alarm and search the web hands-free.
  • View Notifications – Get SMS, calendar, email and social notifications anywhere, anytime.
  • Voice Text Messages – Send and receive hands-free voice-to-text messages while on the move.
  • Take Phone Calls – Answer or place a quick call from your wrist, even when your hands are full.
  • Martian Electronic Leash, Remote Camera Control and more!

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