Different to the rest of the collection, these exceptional timepieces feature a see-through Stainless steel case body, to allow a captivating view of the watch in action. Each movement is equipped with its own exclusive balance spring, an innovation highly resistant to external shocks and environmental disturbances. Here we learn about the watch makers unique commitment to rare timepiece past, present and future. These timepieces are understandably prized by collectors and passionate admirers.

How to Use A Mechanical Watch

1.Remove the wrist watch from your arm or storage. It is not advisable to wind a watch while it is on the arm because, with the watch tight against the skin, the winding motion may not be effective.

2.Make sure the crown is pushed in and closed.

3.Put the watch on the horizontal state, shake if for a couple of seconds.

4.Open the crown latch, then pull out the crown, then turn it clockwisely( the hour hand runs clockwisely), till you get the right time.

5.Then press back the crown to original closed position, then wind watch for about 5 full revolutions.

Video instruction is available, if you need, please contact us.

NOTE: Be conservative; stop when you feel resistance, but if the watch runs down sooner than you like, you know you did not quite hit the maximum tension. In time, you will develop a feel for the resistance. The Automatic watch is powered by the motion of the wearer wrist. If the watch is not worn for 8 or more active hours per day, it will run slower than usual or even stop briefly. You need to shake the watch or wind it when start to use it again.

Components Included:

1x Watch

1x Watch gift box

Waterproof Notice: It’s only DAILY WATERPROOF, so not recommended to be taken to water.

Product Features

  • Imported Mechanical Hand-wind Movement( Needs regular winding)
  • Luxury Golden Fashion Style Skeleton Design, Case Diameter 3.9 cm/ 1.54 Inch
  • A-class Metal Material + Harden Glass+ Quality IP Plating process( not gold, it’s alloy)
  • Royal Classic Golden Roman Index( No.4 is IIII, not IV), with Luminous Hand
  • It’s mechanical hand-wind watch, you need to give it some winding to let it run everyday. When you feel a little resistance, then stop). Do not over wind the watch. The video is available, please contact us if there anything we can do for you.

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