A whole new watch for a whole new season—the Q Grant is inspired by simplicity and powered by connectivity. Designed using the Grant’s classic case and chronograph movement, this new wrist essential in rose gold is a cue to action and inspiration. HOW DO I CONNECT OR PAIR MY NEW WATCH TO THE PHONE? To start, select if your device is a watch or a bracelet on your phone. To make your device discoverable by Bluetooth you must place the device on the charger to take it out of “ship mode”. This should make it discoverable immediately. Now the app needs to go through the scan phase to find an available device to pair with. When the search is complete you will see the device getting connected. Accept the Bluetooth pairing request by selecting “Pair”. You will see another connecting screen. If you don’t select “Pair” you will see an error screen. To double check if your device is paired, go in your phone’s general Bluetooth settings and see if the device is listed there. You may have to update your firmware at this point. To do so, start by tapping “Update”. You will be asked if you want to receive some push notifications. Tap “Nah. Whatever” if you don’t want to, tap “Yes, please” if you do. Then tap “Allow” to allow push notifications to go through. When everything is connected you will see a confirmation screen. Tap “Let’s go” to continue. If your smartphone is unable to find your watch: Only watches that are unpaired will appear during scanning. If yours is already paired with another smartphone, unpair it first (see iOS UnPairing) before pairing it with your new smartphone. Clearing the pair/bond between a phone and device has 2 aspects: The phone needs to forget about the device. You can do this by removing it from the phone’s general Bluetooth settings The device needs to forget about the phone. This can only be done by resetting the device. If this doesn’t work, reset your watch (see How to Reset) Move your watch closer to the phone. WHY CAN’T I CONNECT THE WATCH TO MY PHONE? It could be one of the following reasons: You have not downloaded and installed the Fossil Q app. Follow the instructions on “How do I set up my new watch?” Your watch may not be close enough to your phone. Move your watch and your phone closer together. Your watch’s module might be powered off. Follow the instructions on “How do I power on the watch?” Your watch may not be charged enough. Place watch on charger to fully charge the device. The charger’s light will be red when charging and will change to blue when fully charged. Note: For help with the charger, see the Charger Help section. Bluetooth may be disabled on the phone. Try enabling Bluetooth on your phone using the phone’s Bluetooth settings. If it is already enabled, try disabling and re-enabling Bluetooth. Your watch may need to be unpaired and then reconnected to the phone. Follow the instructions on “How to unpair the watch from the phone?” and “How to reconnect the watch to the phone?” You may have held the watch’s On/Off button too long and accidentally put the watch into recovery mode. Open the Fossil Q app and then follow the app’s instructions. The device might be “sleeping” from lack of activity. Double-tap the device to wake it up or quickly press the button on the back of the device. This will allow the phone to connect again. The device might not be paired to the phone at all. Before trying to reset the device with the pinhole on the back, go into the app into the devices section and check if your device is even listed as one. If it’s not, you can add it from that screen. This will take you through the device onboarding flow. If it is added already, you can try to manually connect it through the devices screen in the app.

Product Features

  • Fashionable take on wearable tech-round 44 mm case in gold-tone featuring cream guilloche dial with Roman numeral indices, three chronograph subdials, and tan leather calfskin band with tonal topstitching and buckle closure
  • Compatible with all Fossil brand 22mm straps. Compatible with Android and iOS operating systems
  • Receive filtered LED color-coded notifications from contacts Track everything from steps to calories
  • Engineered with Intel Innovation A depth rating of 3 ATM will withstand splashes or brief immersion in water-your watch should not be worn swimming or bathing
  • The item has a Rose Gold Tone

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