The LT-SW-W0 connects to your Smart Phone via a reliable bluetooth connection so you can get a variety of information straight from your smart watch.
The LT-SW-W0 was designed and programmed to make your life easier and simpler. You can change the application interface of the watch easily.
The LT-SW-W0 is made to work with your FAST-PACED LIFE. SMS, calls, weather, music control, fitness stats all appear straight on your wrist! You never have to feel weighed down or hassled by your bulky phone when you’re on the move.

This watch allows you to be SMART with your smart phone and get hassle-free notifications and communications during your busy schedule.

USER-FRIENDLY OPERATION – The LT-SW-W0 allows you to swipe left, right, and down, to scroll through the different applications, calls, and texts on the LT-SW-W0. Use our handwriting feature so you can quickly write out quick text messages. Scroll up and down your phonebook on the watch to call and message your contacts.

Swipe away to navigate from one app to the next with a super-responsive touch screen.

Easy notifications – Easily view emails, Weather, facebook, Instagram and twitter notifications straight from your wrist! Many other apps can synchronize with the LT-SW-W0.

MUSIC CONTROL – Control your favorite music apps straight from the LT-SW-W0 Air – change to the next song while running, cycling or playing sports without having to take out your bulky smart phone!

Compatibility – the watch works with all Android OS phones and devices – the watch works best with android 4.0 and above.

Product Features

  • Sending and receiving texts – This watch allows you to send and receive text messages. The watch has a handwriting functionality that allows you to convert your handwriting into text. (PHONEBOOK SYNCHRONIZATION) The watch Air synchronizes all phonebook contacts via bluetooth from your phone to your watch. Once your contacts are uploaded, the watch allows you to easily call and texts friends, business contacts, and family through the watch’s phonebook.
  • MUSIC – Control your phone’s music playing through the Smartwatch – whether it is the radio, Music Player, or Pandora, the Watch can control your music’s playback.
  • WEATHER – View your city’s weather report (temperature and foreceast) straight from the display screen of the LT-SW-W0 Smartwatch
  • Get app notifications to your Smartwatch: The Watch notifies you of any incoming notifications to your phone–this includes gmail, facebook, twitter, and many more apps. Fitness tracking– The SmartWatch has a built-in fitness application. Keep track of your health and exercise with a professional pedometer function. Monitor a variety of measurements; statistical steps, exercise time, mileage, calorie consumption, and other data. The SmartWatch’s features are almost too abundant to mention – to list some more-remotely control you smart phone’s camera with the watch, organize your life with an alarm, stopwatch, and calender with a ringtone or vibration reminder. Want to alarm yourself without having to bother the people around you? Just sent the alarm/notification settings to vibrate and only you will be able to know the alarm is going off.

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