Are you looking for a new Smart Watch to pair with your latest cell phone device? Tired of looking for your misplaced mobile device or wishing for a true hands free solution? Your problems have been answered because MOTA released its latest watch for cell phones pairing and the device comes packed with the latest technologies including an anti-lost function so you will never lose your phone again. The MOTA watch is engineered for superior performance with integrated premium speakers, microphone, and a vibrant led screen. With all the right features to make your life easier, this smart watch is also aesthetically pleasing sporting a futuristic look that will make Men in Black agents envy your new gear. Very stylish, easy to use, and comfortable to wear everyday with a strap designed for universal wrist sizes; the new MOTA Smart Watch with Bluetooth is your solution for today’s mobile technology. The MOTA Smart Watch will alert you of an incoming call by vibration. If the caller exists in your contacts, his or her name will be shown on the screen. If contact does not exist, the caller’s phone number will be visible on the screen. You can easily answer the incoming call by pressing a button and carry your conversation via the built-in high quality microphone and speaker. Anti-lost function will alert you when you walk more than 5ft away from your phone. Compatible with: All Bluetooth enabled mobile phones including Apple iPhone Devices Samsung Galaxy Phones Specifications: Bluetooth Version 2.1 Compatible with Versions 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0 Frequency Range 2.4 Ghz Hands free and Music player Bluetooth profiles Charging Time: 2-3 hours Package Contents: MOTA Smart Watch USB Wall Adapter USB Charging Cable User Manual Warranty Information

Product Features

  • Easy to pair and use with any Bluetooth enabled mobile devices
  • Multiple functions including hands free and music player Bluetooth profiles
  • Vibrates on your wrist gently to help notify you about incoming calls
  • LED screen displays incoming calls, time, battery indicator, and other functions
  • Utilizes rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery to provides longer talk time duration (USB Charger included)

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