HeartQ heart rate monitor provides valuable information so you can exercise smarter. It is easy and intuitive to use so you can get a quick start. It’s perfect for anyone who want to manage their workout intensity and calorie during exercise.

Exercise Intelligence.
HeartQ provides more data than simple fitness watches so that you get the most out of your workout. Armed with real-time information you can adjust the intensity of your workout to stay within target zones and achieve your highest potential.

Accurate Calorie Burn.
More than just a heart monitor, HeartQ will accurately calculate and display the calories you are burning so you can track it throughout a workout or throughout the day.

Discover How To Reach Your Fitness Goals.
You shouldn’t have to guess. Am I doing this right? Should I push harder? For how long? Put science on your side and use real time data to tell you how to push yourself to your max potential without going too far.

Key Features
– 3 Selectable Heart Rate Zones
– Calories-Burned Counter
– Activity Tracker
– Chronograph
– In-Zone Timer
– Age/Gender/Weight Settings for Precise Measurements
– Upper/Lower Target Heart Rate (THR) Zone Alarm
– Max / Avg Heart Rate Display
– Easy Navigation
– Exercise Data Recall
– Audio/Visual Alarms
– Time and Date Display
– Stop Watch / Timer
– EL Backlight for at-a-glance monitoring

Product Features

  • Sleek, sophisticated, and stylish heart rate monitor and fitness sport watch – easy to program and navigate. Effective and appropriate for all ages, genders, and weight classifications. Adjustable comfort chest strap constructed of durable, stretchable, and soft polyurethane.
  • 3 selectable target heart rate zones to accommodate a variety of fitness needs. Work out at your own pace and intensity to achieve your fitness goals: a healthy heart, weight loss, enhanced endurance and stamina, and an increase in overall muscular and body strength.
  • State of the art electroluminescence backlight display for at-a-glance monitoring. Tracks calorie expenditure for maximum data input and motivational support.
  • Built-in dual alarms (audio/visual) keep you alert and up-to-date on your workout progression. Long-lasting Lithium Ion CR-2032 battery for long-lasting results. Heart rate graphics for quick zone tracking.
  • Timer/stopwatch Feature. Instructional EBook accompanying purchase. Unparalleled “No-question Asked 60-Day Money-back Guarantee” for a risk-free purchase.

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