Our HMR-2518 is a multifunctional digital wrist watch, with calories counter, heart rate counter, stop watch, alarm, date and time. It can measure your heart beat pulse rate and to count how many calories are consumed in sport, or it can be used just a normal watch with time, date, daily alarm and stop watch function in the household.

It adopts infrared sensor and is combined with the human body blood flow volume to achieve the pulse signal transmission, to measure the heart beat pulse rate.

Our heart rate watch is 30m (98feet) waterproof, no need to press any key on the watch underwater.


– Heart rate Counter:

For the first time use, please input your personal physical data including your age, weight and gender into the wrist watch. When you start to do exercise, start the built-in counter in the watch, it can count your sporting time, heart rate and burned calories after your exercise.

– Digital Wrist Watch:

1. Synchronously display date and time (12-hours and 24-hours format).

2. Daily alarm (can be set 5 alarms) with hourly chime.

3. 35 laps stopwatch function.



– Time format: 12 hrs /24 hrs.

– Date format: DD /MM or MM /DD.

– Alarm: daily alarm, 5 alarms.

Performance tracking

– Heart rate alarm: sound /visual

– Heart rate (HR) range: 30-220 bpm (beats per minute).

– Lower HR settable range: 30-220 bpm (beats per minute).

– Upper HR settable range: 80-220 bpm (beats per minute).

– Calorie calculation: 0-999kcal.

– Fat calculation: 0-999g


1* multi-funtional Heart Rate Watch

1* user manual

Product Features

  • EL backlight heart rate monitor, unisex design suitable for both men and women.
  • 30 meters (98 feet) waterproof with no actuating keys
  • Heart rate monitor is multifunctional with calorie counter , date/alarm stop watch
  • Test heart rate just via infrared ray with finger touched on it, no need strap
  • Calories counter strapless heart rate monitor watch, calculate heart rate at any time more accurately

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