Features: ◆ Normal Time: Hour, Minute, Second, Day and Weekday; 12/24 hr format; ◆ 2-set alarm: Daily alarm & hourly chime ◆ Countdown function, up to 23 hr.59min; ◆ Pedometer mode: – Smart step for 7 seconds – Three types of pedometer: Total steps/ time display mode; Total steps/ exercise time display mode; calories/ mileage display mode – User information settings: metric/ imperial→ weight – G-sensor sensitivity on 59 sec ◆ 50-day automatic memory storage step function ◆ Heart rate mode: Touch sensor to measure pulse, watch will show dynamic heart rate 30-200 indicated with changing animation. ◆ 4 seconds EL backlight. Features Selection: ◆ [MODE]:Change function: Time Mode, Step Memory Mode, Heart Rate Mode. – Press and hold 2 seconds to enter setting mode and change the set time. ◆ [DOWN]: press reduce 1, press and hold for quickly adjust; Press and quickly on/off alarm; Press to turn on/pause stopwatch, countdown function; Press downward to check the history record. ◆ [UP]: Press plus 1, press and hold to quick adjust. Under time mode, press t change the following mode; AL1 → AL2 → Stopwatch → Countdown; Total steps/time display mode → Total steps → exercise time display mode → calories/mileage display mode. Press and hold to lock/unlock. ◆ [El]: Press to on El light for seconds; Press to on/off SPL function; Under pause the countdown, press to the default value. ◆ If there are any issue on the product function or use, please contact us directly. ◆ More products and information, welcome to visit Our shop.

Product Features

  • Soprt Running watch – Function: Time/ Date setting, Alarm, Stopwatch, Countdown Timer,Pedometer mode, Step memory storage mode, Heart rate mode.
  • Matrix electronic display screen & PMMA lens, More pervious to light effect, good insulation & Corrosion resistant.
  • Humanized strap design, Full hole strap, suitable for all the wrist, more breathable, water permeability.
  • Using of High strength composite materials, Heat resistant, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance.lightweight & wear comfortable.
  • Note: When you use heart rate test mode, Must wear the watch on your hands, Then use your thumb press on 6H position and index finger press on 12H position.Don’t loose your finger until your heart rate data display.

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