Heart rate tracking – BPM & % of max Calorie burn tracker Customizable user profile Coded chest strap Easy set-up & useThe Sportline Cardio 630 heart rate (HR) monitor watch is designed for ease of use both during your workout and daily life. Perfect for just about any sport application from running to cycling, and spinning to aerobics–the Cardio 630 delivers ECG accurate heart rate measurement with an included HR monitor chest strap. The HR readouts include an HR Percent Max Indicator and a standard HR zone display to keep you on target with your fitness goals. Additional sport friendly features include a Calorie Burn Tracker and a Chronograph. When you are not at the gym, you will appreciate the Cardio 630’s fully featured watch capabilities that include 12/24 hour setting options, dual-time, a calendar, and an optional hourly chime. Built to last, the Cardio 630 is water resistant down to 50 meters and carries a five year warranty from Sportline.

Heart Rate (HR) Features:

  • HR Accuracy: ECG
  • HR Method: Chest Strap
  • HR Delivery: Continuous
  • HR Technology: Continuous
  • HR Zone Display: Standard
  • HR Percent Max Indicator
  • Calorie Burn Tracker

Additional Features and Specifications:

  • Digital Display with Back Light
  • Time Setting: 12/24 Hour Setting
  • Dual-Time
  • Calendar
  • Hourly Chime Option
  • Chronograph
  • Water Resistance: 50 Meters
  • Battery: CR2032 3-volt Lithium
  • Five year warranty

Product Features

  • Men’s ECG accurate heart rate (HR) watch with chest strap HR monitor
  • Continous HR zone tracking with out of HR zone alarm; calorie counter; chronograph
  • Additional features include: calorie-burn tracker, chronograph, and digital display with back light
  • Watch features include: dual-time, 12/24 hour setting, optional hourly chime, and calendar
  • Water resistant; five-year warranty

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