Gesture Checking Very cool and convenient way to check the time and message by “Wrist


Two Way Connecting D5 wristband support Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi two way to connecting the

cellphone App.

Long Using Time High Capacity battery keeps about 7 days working by one time charge.

Touch Display Large 0.91 inch 128 * 64 pixel OLED touch screen, easy to check the message,

phonecall, twitter, facebook etc.


[Tracks Steps] Record and track steps accurately.

[Distance Measurement] Measure your daliy walking distance precisely.

[Calorie Mangement] Calculate the consumption of calorie, record the daily burn-up calorie.

[Sleep Cycle] Monitoring your sleep cycle automaticaly, record the quality of sleep.

[Time Display] Sysnc your smart phone with OLED digital time display.

[Reminder] Setting reminder for dringking, taking, meeting, sitting for too long or other

cusuomized alarm.

[Call and Message Reminder] when incoming calls are not answered in certain time, the smart

wristband will remind you.

[Burst Shot] self-timer function.


System: Only stable work with smart cellphone compatible with iOS 7 or above and Android

System 4.3 or above.

Charge method: Standard USB charging.

Battery: 40mAh polymer battery.


App Installation:

Download the APP of the wrisband Find Zeroner from Andriod Market(Google Play Store) or

Apple Store.

Product Features

  • ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS -Tracks steps,distance,calories burned and active minutes
  • MONITOR YOUR SLEEP- Monitor how long and well you sleep, wake up you with silent wake alarm
  • 24/7 WEARABLE wristband,easy-to-wear,slim,comfortable wristband,touch panel,easy to operate, wear all day and night
  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE CAMERA -allows you to take selfies without your camera in your hand
  • SMART NOTIFICATIONS -Let you know when there are incoming calls and text messages and displays caller ID with vibration alerts

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