Train smarter with the PSGP410 GPS Smart Watch. Built-in GPS navigation with integrated computer and included software give you detailed performance analysis. Walk, run, bike or perform your outdoor training in a whole new way. Track your route, or create a new one, it also measure personal statistics like distance, speed and pace. You can even wirelessly connect additional devices like heart rate, RPM and time sensors thanks to ANT+ Technology support – you can do it all.  Compare your last performances against your personal best times – challenge and motivate yourself.  When you’re done with your training session, connect the Smart GPS to your computer to see detailed maps and graphs charting your performance. Unlock more possibilities, improve your performance and achieve a new level of motivation with the Pyle PSGP410 GPS Smart Watch.; Includes ANT+ Technology, E-Compass, Measures Distance, Speed, Pace and More.

Product Features

  • Connect to PC and Review Your Performance Data in Maps, Graphs & Charts – Export Data to Map my Run or Strava
  • GPS Maps Your Route and Records It – Measure Pace, Speed and Distance with Detailed Maps and Graphs
  • ANT+ Technology Enables Heart Rate, Speed, RPM, Time and Power Monitoring Wireless Transmission
  • Import and Export Performance Records to Your Computer with Included Software – Train Smarter
  • Route Automation and Performance Tracking – Compare and Set Personal Best Times – Walk, Run or Bike

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