The Pyle PHRM76 Heart Rate Monitoring System includes a digital wrist watch and chest strap.  Take your training to the next level and gain convenient access to personal fitness data like heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, speed and calories burned — and it’s all within arm’s reach.   Simply strap on the chest belt and you’re ready to go.  The watch face displays all the data and includes a programmable calendar and chronograph with built-in memory to recall your training session statistics.  Set your goals; adjustable target distance and time configuration will give you that extra motivation to keep going.  The watch also functions as a typical wrist watch displaying time, date and alarm settings.  Train smarter with the Pyle PHRM76 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap and Digital Watch System.

Product Features

  • Digital Wrist Watch & Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Strap – Intelligent Step Filter Function
  • Displays Current/Average/Maximum/Minimum Heart Rate – Target Heart Rate Zone Settings
  • Monitoring Modes: Walking & Running – Displays Calories Burned – Memory Data Recall
  • Dual Purpose 3D Sensor (Walking or Running) – Time & Date, Daily Alarm Functions
  • Chronograph with 15 Record Memory – Target Distance & Target Time Alert Alarms

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