The cool FORESEEX Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Watch with Pedometer is a perfect watch for your daily use or outdoor sport. It is water resistant and has EL-backlight.


Normal TIME: Hour, Minute, Second, Day and Date, 12/24hr format;

2-set alarms; Daily alarm & Hourly chime

1/100 second chronograph ranging from 0 t0 59:59:59, with SPL function

Countdown function up to 23 hours 59 minutes

Pedometer Mode:

3 types of pedometer: total steps/time display mode; Total steps/ exercise time display mode; Calories/distance mode;

Heart Rate mode: Tough-on pulse measuring, displaying and updating heart rate 30-200 real time 3 Seconds EL Backlight 3ATM Water resistant

Mode Protection: Lock the MODE to prevent it from auto switching to other mode.

About Heart rate Monitor:

When measuring the pulse, both fingers have to cover the metal sensors as much as possible. Exert pressure evenly. Under cold or dry weather, rub fingers before measuring pulse.

Attention:When measuring the pulse, you MUST touch THREE Points, the watch case back and the Two sensors.

REMARKS: This device is not meant for medical purpose. Kindly consult your doctor if need. Avoid using this watch in strong static, sonic or electric affected environments.

Battery replacement: When the display digitals become dim or the heart rate monitor does not work, please replace with a CR2032 or equivalent type.

Package Included:


1 X English Manual

1 x Gift Box

Product Features

  • Multi-function fitness sports FORESEEX watch with built-in heart rate monitor, pedometer, Calorie Counter. Fit for daily exercises. Note: As it displays an AVERAGE data, this device is not meant for medical purpose. Kindly consult your doctor is needed.
  • Use as a daily watch: The watch is water resistant and has back light function. You can see the time in darkness. It has many functions that meet most of your needs: Time, Second display, Day and date, 2 Alarms, Countdown Timer, Stopwatch, and Chronograph.
  • Pedometer: The pedometer picks up a step from a swing of the arm. It has 3 modes: Total steps/time, Total steps/ exercise time, calories/distance. The calculations base on your setting of weight, step distance, G-Sensor sensitivity. MODE PROTECTION: In the pedometer mode, 30 minutes without any key operation, auto-return time display mode. Yes, the watch can LOCK the [MODE] to prevent it switching to other modes.
  • Best for sporty youth or people who want to build exercise program or make slight changes to their everyday lives. The watch is cool and funny too.
  • • Heart Rate Monitor: This watch can calculate your heart rate without chest strap, it has 2 metal pulse sensors on the front that you have to put your 2 fingers on them in order to get your pulse rate. Heart rate value will be displayed and updated in REAL-TIME simultaneously. ATTENTION: When measuring you heart rate, you SHOULD touch THREE points: two 2 metal pulse sensors (by fingers) and the watch case back (put on the watch or touch it by your skin). If you miss the watch case back, the result will be higher than the real heart rate.

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