The Yellow (25g) and Purple (37g) Shock Labels require special shipping. To place an order for these g-levels please contact the seller. The Red (50g) Shock Labels will be shipped unless otherwise notified by the buyer.

Shock Labels are both a visual reminder to carriers to be careful in handling as well as an immediate visual indication when mishandling and potential damage has occurred.

Alerts carriers and promotes more careful handling. Reduces incidence of damage. Recipients can see immediate visual indication of mishandling upon receipt of goods. Confirms effectiveness of packaging Identify trouble spots in transportation chain. Customers appreciate shipper’s concern, increasing value of relationship.

The NON-RESETTABLE Shock Labels are available in various sensitivities (25-100 g) indicated by different colors. Refer to our mounting guidelines in our pictures for assistance in selecting the correct label. The guidelines are merely a blind suggestion. Contact us for more assistance.

Product Features

  • Label indicates possible mishandling during shipping
  • Vial turns red to show an impact has occurred
  • Activates automatically when dropped
  • Know at a glance whether your product may have been damaged
  • Enhances carrier accountability

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