Pyle’s taking your fitness and personal training to the next level. Whether you’re exercising during the off season, training for the marathon, or just want to lose weight, the PSBTHR70 will help. The Bluetooth Chest Strap with Heart Rate Monitor Watch monitors your heart rate during all of your exercises and workouts. The digital LED watch displays your performance data like heart rate, average speed, distance traveled, steps taken, lap time and calories burned. It’s the perfect companion for walking, running or jogging! The wireless chest strap features Bluetooth Smart technology that allows you to connect and enjoy data transfer with free downloadable apps -compatible with iOS and Android devices. Upload your performance records to your device and see in-depth data of your training session. Create a workout regimen to train in a totally new way with watch modes functions including Data Recall, Sync Workout, Countdown Timer and Workout Modes. Become healthier, train smarter and learn more about your body during every exercise. Gain an edge over the competition with the Pyle PSBTHR70 Bluetooth Chest Strap Heart Monitor and Digital Wrist Watch.

Product Features

  • Bluetooth Smart Technology Chest Strap with Digital LED Wrist Watch for Fitness Training
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring Chest Strap – Perfect for Walking, Running, Jogging, Exercise
  • Wrist Watch Receives Data Transfer from the Chest Strap – Use the Chest Straps with Downloadable Apps
  • Watch Functions: Countdown Timer, Recall, Alarm, Sync and Workout Modes – Crisp Backlight Display
  • Watch Displays Heart Rate, Average Speed, Distance Traveled, Steps Taken, Lap Time & Calories Burned

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