Here’s how it works when you first open your Calorie Watch and begin to set the date and time, you will also set your age, weight, and sex. This information is stored in the watch’s memory. When you begin exercising, you simply start the watch’s internal counter. When you are finished, you simply stop the counter, press SET, and touch the sensor once. It’s based on your preset information, the time on the counter, and your heart rate. The calorie watch is able to determine how many calories you have burned during your workout.

How to make your pulse measurement correctly?

Place your finger so that the sensor is covered by your fingerprint, not the fingertip. If your fingernail turns white, you are pressing too hard. Try pressing down a bit with your finger first, and then make adjustments until seeing the “TOUCH SENSOR¡± changes to “PULSE” and small heart icon blinks. Then, it demonstrates that your pulse is being registered.

Tips on Taking Measurements:

Do not change the pressure of your finger on the sensor.

Do not move your finger on the sensor.

Warming up your finger before taking measurements.

Avoid bright light when taking measurments.

During measurements, keep still and do not talk.

Once you have released the “SET” button to begin measurement, place your finger on thesensor as soon as possible.

Remove rings or any other items that might restrict normal blood flow.

Water resistance classification(from Wikipedia):

Water Resistant 3 ATM or 30 m: Suitable for everyday use. Splash/rain resistant. NOT suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkelling, water related work and fishing. NOT suitable for diving.


1 x sports watch

1 x English manual

Product Features

  • This sports watch has five buttons for easy operation, they are RESET, SET, MODE, SENSOR and ST/SP.
  • The watch’s five modes are as follows: “Time and Calendar”, “Alarm”, “Chronograph”, “Exercise” and “Pulse”.
  • Multifunction: Time, Calendar, Alarm, Hourly chime, Stopwatch, Chronograph, Heart rate monitor, Calorie counter
  • This watch is disigned to calculate the calories burned and pulse rate of an AVERAGE individual based on preset age, weight,and sex, it can’t be a medical watch.
  • This watch can calculate your heart rate Without chest strap, it has a pulse sensor on the front that you have to put your finger on in order to get your pulse rate (as is shown in the photos), it is good for calculating the calories burned at a “constant pace” such as: treadmill, exercise bike, running, Jogging, walking, cycling, etc. And yet, It is insufficient for various exercises.

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