This is the exact same unit thats a top seller here on amazon. This one has an 4 GB SD card with it! –The IR lights can be automatic or manual and are totally invisible! It has Time Date Stamp on every recording, automatically done. The IR has a good clear range of 6-9 feet in total darkness. The sound is superb. Built-In LCD Screen For Video Playback w/out a computer. MP3 / MP4, FM Radio & Clock. It also has A Stylish And Small Portable (3″X2″X2″) Design. —

Also, This device can stand up to anyone’s scrutiny. There are two layers of security to hide the dual purpose. Put your video files or mp3 audio on it and play it anywhere. It has no outside indicators or words that show its SPYCAM ability. Because it has an SD card for your video/audio, its functions can easily be explained. And unless they know what buttons to press, they can’t access the covert part! Also, any video/audio files it takes remain totally hidden! –This device does not record sound. It only plays back audio. It records video.

It Operates 24/7 on Electrical Power or with the battery for 3-8 hours.The speakers on this are amazing for their size. They can fill a room with sound. On screen fast forward pause, rewind of all files. —

– LCD Screen To View Video Recorded, No Need To Remove Memory Card
-Infrared Night Vision
– Electrical Power Adapter (110V-240V), Constant Power Limitless Recording
– Battery Power Included For Portability
– Super long record time 32 gigs = 32 days/Loop Recording Function, Record Video 24/7/365
HQ recording is crystal clear even in low light.
Audio in Jack with included cable for your iPod or most cell phones
—Package Includes
-Mini DVR Black/or silver
– Battery Charger
– Audio Cable
– Battery
– USB Cable
– Earphones
– Users Manual
-4 GB Micro SD Card (included)
-Every unit sold comes with an video demo how to use it. Plus clearly translated instructions in english—–

Product Features

  • Infrared Night vision-4 GB Micro SD card included! Screen can be turned off while recording and unit can be locked so no one can stop it from recording.
  • Beautiful video in low light even without IR Automatic or manual Infrared Night vision- It will support up to a 32GB Micro SD card. A 4 GB card is included free. Any micro sd name brand card will work.
  • On super long record mode can record up to 32 DAYS with good quality survellience video. In HQ mode it can record up to 32 hours onto a 32GB card. (4GB is included) Continuous Loop record works plugged in or with incl/battery to record nonstop month after month.
  • View Covert Videos on 2 inch screen. No need for PC. FF or RR right on screen. View and play video back in seconds. No need to use any computer at all with this. Sturdy Aluminum Alloy Construction. 70 percent of customers use this to catch a thief. Others use it for elder care, nanny cam or driveway monitoring.
  • Online Enterprises Branded product.TS-1-4GB If it doesn’t say Sold by Online-enterprises 888 and fulfilled by Amazon then you wont get the free translated instructions and quick start guide all my buyers get.

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