Office workers:
Long term computer work, Less activity, can be find via APP (give a download link )how your situation

Weight imbalance people:
Food addictive ability, through sports bracelet can know whether the energy consumption of the day is greater than the inhalation of heat

Sports enthusiast:
Exercise can see their movement and energy consumption

Exercise regularly:
Walking or running in the morning and evening

Why do you need healthy bracelet?
Intelligent Motion Healthy bracelet, Variety of delicacies, Originality design across time,with the IN Also to lose form , ready to monitor your exercise and sleep, and use minimalist humane mode of operation and a strong social, sharing system to overturn your wrist existence

24 Hour wear Comfortable 0 radiation
Transmission technology new material and chip upgrade, the healthy Bracelet no radiation, comfortable wearing any worries

Bluetooth synchronization
No connection cable , with intelligent terminal software, You can use the CD more simple movements of theire own .Manage their own motion data. But also a key to start data synchronization

Product Features

  • Perfect for office workers, weight imbalance people, sports enthusiast, exercise regularly,etc.
  • 24 Hours wear Comfortable 0 radiation
  • Bluetooth synchronization; Package Content: 1* Host(built-in battery) + 1* Charging Cable + 1* Manual +1* Strap
  • Multi-functions: pedometer, sleep monitoring, stop watch, etc.
  • Shipping from China; Bluetooth 2.1 version, compatible with Android 2.2 – 4.1 iphone

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