Function: – Call Function:GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 four frequency conversation Dial, hands-free, phone records, phone book;Bluetooth phone – SMS:Local SMS;Text messaging on mobile phones Synchronous push by bluetooth – Entertainment:MP3 audio player,bluetooth music playing – Phone calls reminding:Ring and vibration remind – Clock display :3 ways show display clock,free switch,Click to switch – Bidirectional anti-lost :lost remind,bidirectional search – Pedometer:Movement step record – Sedentary remind:Sedentary remind – Other features: alarm clock, calendar,etc. NOTE: 1.When you insert a micro SIM card & SD card, it can be used to make calls, recieve or send texts and visit the website. 2. Download APK:APK is the abbreviation of Android Package including APP Android.Open the QR code device >Scan it by the scanner >Install the APK on your Android smartphone. 3.The QR code is global used and applied to any scanner.If there is no scanner on your phone,please download one in the app store

Product Features

  • Appearance vogue,extreme thin HD display, High sensitive capacitive touch screen.For Android phone, it supports Android version 4.2 or higher.For iPhone, it supports iOS 7.0 or higher.Bluetooth 4.0 or above is OK.
  • It becomes a standalone watch phone with SIM card inserted. You can send and read message, making or receive calls on your watch, like a GSM cell phone.Without SIM card, it works as a cell phone companion, receiving and making calls via Bluetooth, it also has a NFC connect function.
  • Precision laminating process primary drawing stainless steel surface,Nano TPU85 material strap,anti-sweat matte surface treatment,ergonomic convex design,wearing more comfortable
  • Support Pedometer analysis, selfie, sedentary remind,sleep monitoring,anti-lost,remote take picture,bluetooth connection,music player, hands-free call, call sync, MP3 audio player,bluetooth music playing,a variety of information synchronization: SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
  • For Android,all functions can be used.but for iPhone,it only supports partial functions including pedometer, calendar, call sync, clock, music player, hands-free call.

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