Monitor your activity 24/7 wearing the New Balance LifeTRNr Sync Gecko + Fitness App. The clear, easy-to-read display allows you to track estimated calories burned, steps, distance, average heart rate, and even sleep habits. Sync the watch to the Fitness App to assess your fitness goals, trends, and progress. Your wrist will appreciate the feel of the soft and adjustable band. Bluetooth® Smart Watch: Watch compatible with Bluetooth® Smart Devices. Transmits data to the Fitness App: average heart rate, estimated calories burned, total steps, and distance traveled. Calorie Monitor: Advanced 24-hour calorie burn formula based on metabolic rate, exercise and heart rate readings. Automatically resets at midnight. Sleep Mode: Monitors daily sleep habits via light sensor and body movement. Tracks sleep patterns to help determine if changes are needed in overall wellness plan. Pedometer/Exercise Data: Step counter with Goal Meter. Total distance with Goal Meter. Estimated Calories Burned with Goal Meter. 7-Day graphic display for steps, distance, and calories. Exercise Mode with Data Recall: Total exercise time, estimated calories burned, distance traveled, and steps taken during workout as well as total sleep. 10 hour exercise timer range. Heart Rate Touch: On Demand Heart Rate reading without a chest strap. Displays % Max beats per minute. Watch Features: 12-hour or 24-hour time and alarm format. Time/Day/Date display. Displays in metric or imperial units. EL Backlight. 30M water resistant. Reversible band.

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