Overview and Key Features
This innovative Smart Watch keeps you connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Now with Built-in camera, you can take photos directly from your wrist and save it on the memory card on the watch phone.
With its color touchscreen, integrated microphone and speaker, this high end watch acts as a wireless dialer, allowing users to handle calls directly from their wrist – bringing you the all functions of a modern smartphone in a convenient wrist watch form and at a fraction of the price!

Form With Functionality
– Complete with Bluetooth, GSM Quad Band connectivity and being fully unlocked. SWAP TWO is a quadband GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) unlocked phone that can be used from anywhere across the world.
– You can stick in your GSM micro SIM-card and you can gain instant access to an amazing communication device that works like a cell phone on your wrist. No sim-card? No problem! This watch will also allow you to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and bring all the features to your wrist.
– For incoming calls, it rings and vibrates, displaying the caller number and/or contact on the brilliant color screen. You can easily answer or reject calls thanks to its home buttons and integrated speaker and microphone.You get notified of missed calls and incoming SMS, and stream music from your paired device.
– Use the Anti-Lost Alarm, that alerts you with a gentle vibration, to be sure you never misplace your phone.
This exclusive watch is also equipped with a pedometer that tracks your steps taken, calories burned, and speed and mileage traveled.
– You also get a sleep monitor that track hours and quality of sleep.
(*Please note that this Watch Phone works with iPhone iOS but with limited features.)

Product Features

  • This powerful, GSM unlocked Smart Watch works with all GSM wireless carriers in the world such as; AT&T, T-Mobile, StraighTalk, Orange, Vodafone, and many more. You can insert your GSM micro SIM-card into the watch and gain instant access to this amazing communication device that works like a cell phone on your wrist.
  • Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and bring all it’s features to your wrist! After connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth this revolutionary watch will enable you to make, end, or reject phone calls directly without touching your phone. When a call is coming in, the watch will ring or vibrate and show the incoming phone number.
  • This revolutionary new watch allows for full synchronization of your Phonebook so contacts are readily accessible on the watch instead of the smartphone. With our cutting edge Smart Anti Lost Technology, the watch will ring or vibrate to alert you when your smartphone becomes more than 15 meters away from the Watch.
  • Pedometer – The watch can record your steps taken, view current walk distance, fat and calorie consumption. Sleep Monitor – Wearing this watch while you sleep will help you monitor how long you sleep and how good your sleep is. Reminding you of the importance of continually improving your work and sleep schedules. We all know a good sleep makes you energetic and keen for the whole day!
  • What You get – Built-in Camera (new) | Color Touch Screen | Time Display | Calls (Answer, End, Reject) | Caller ID | Messaging | Notification | Remote Camera Shutter | Music | Phonebook | Anti-lost Alert | Built-in Mic & Speaker | Ringtone & Vibration | Pedometer | Audio Player | FM Radio| Calender | Alarm | Multimedia | Voice Recorder | Image Viewer | Calculator Sleep Monitor | Phone Locator. |

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