Exercise Guidance:

Continuously displays your real-time heart rate during exercise. With this information you can gauge your intensity and stay within your target zone to maximize your workout. It’s like a personal trainer on your wrist telling you when to slow down or speed up.

Product specification:

◆ 12/24 hr clock (date & weekday)

◆ Daily alarm

◆ Exercise Timer: 99: 59’59”

◆ Max Heart Rate Percentage: 99%

◆ Max Readable Heart Rate: 230 BPM

◆ Min Readable Heart Rate: 30 BPM

◆ Water Resistance: 50 meters

◆ Lens: Acrylic

◆ Watchcase: ABS

◆ Caseback: Stainless steel

◆ Strap: Medical silica gel

◆ Buckle: Stainless steel

◆ Battery: Lithium type CR.2032

◆ Expected Battery Life: 1 year


» Protect your watch from extreme heat, shocks and long time exposure to direct sunlight.

» Do not push buttons under water.

» Store your watch in a dry place when you are not using it.

» Do not wear your SD1 in shower/sauna or other similar environments.

» Watch can be wiped clean with a lightly moistened cloth. Apply mild soap to the area if there are stubborn stains or marks.

» Do not expose your watch to strong chemicals such as gasoline, clean solvents, acetone, alcohol, insect repellents, as they may damage the unit’s seal, case and finish.

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“Oittm” shop.

Product Features

  • Heart Rate Monitor: Monitor the heart rate change when you move in real time , adjust the exercise intensity more conveniently , control the heart rate change in different sports.
  • Personal information set: Before doing the exercise, in the heart rate watch input personal information, the maximum and minimum heart rate, choose exercise intensity, to help you better movement.
  • Calorie Counter: According to the set of personal information and heart rate can measure the movement of calories, in order to better adjust the intensity.
  • 5 Main Modes: Time Mode; Pedometer; Exercise Timer; Memory; Settings
  • Waterproof and stopwatch function: stopwatch function can be accurate to 1/100 second, and capture the timing function, when capture timing, timing is still going on

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