Helonge fitness activity tracker watch, provide more accurate data.

It is a good helper of your or your family health and sports. We provide various data to help know your sports, workout, fitness, lose weight status, heartbeat and sleep.

It can help you know better about your health and make decisions in time to prevent potential problems.

We are committed to letting the detected data close to reality.

We are constantly trying various chips and sensors to constantly modify the detection algorithm to improve the accuracy. Because we believe that more accurate data is the most important thing.

Too many functions influence each other to a certain extent, resulting in a large deviation of data.

So we launched this small, stylish and powerful smart watch, its focus on the accuracy of the data and increase the battery capacity to provide a better lifetime.

And the material is very comfortable and skin-friendly to guarantee a certain comfort level.

Product Specification:

Material: TPU PC

Device Screen: 0.66 inches OLED screen

Battery: 100mAh


Waterproof: IP67

Wrist Size:130mm 190mm

Watch Band Width:14mm

User Guide:

Download Fitpolo App from App Store or Google Store

Open the Bluetooth

Open Fitpolo App and According to the guide to connect to the device.

When it connects successfully, then just begin to enjoy it.If not, please contact us, we would help you to solve it.

You can read the user guide module in the APP to get more Related Information about the connection and device.

Product Features

  • Real-time Heart Rate Monitor, learn about the body situation. Maximize your exercise or fitness effects under specific heart rate zone.You can buy one for your family too, master their healthy state anytime.
  • Built-in Sleep Monitor, help you to learn about your sleep quality, comprehensive learn your body and optimize and adjust your diet and rest.
  • Step, Calories, Exercise time, Sporting Distance count, record your exercise situation to help you formulate more particular exercise, fitness, lose weight plan.
  • Abundant reminder type such as sedentary, take medicine, drink water remind etc.You can customize yourself healthy lifestyle.100maH large capacity battery. Up to 8-10 days standby time.
  • Call/Message/Social media notifications, never miss every message even in the mute mode or while exercising and fitness.

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