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It’s a nice watch. Keeps accurate time so far and it’s pretty fashionable. I bought this and another watch to replace a lost Skagen until I find it (hopefully). For the price it’s very nice. The only issue I have with it is that it’s hard to see in the dark. There is no light. My Skagen didn’t have a light either but it had glow in the dark hands and hour marks. But I’m comparing a $150+ watch to a sub-$20 watch. Recommended if you’re looking for something low-profile and pretty elegant. The…

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Very nicely packaged android wear Overall let me say I love the look of this watch!! I am still getting used to it and I feel like it would be so much better then my Apple Watch.Iphone perspective: An android wear watch is going to be limited when you have an Apple product working with a Android product. I don’t like that I can’t customize my watch faces like you would be able to if you had an Android. Another thing that is really annoying is that I can’t respond to text messages or anything of the sort because I…

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