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Easy to use and a good buy for the price range. Legit. This has the date, time, pedometer, a calorie counter, heart rate monitor, distance and phone notifications. Even as a simple watch, this product is nice because it is slim, sleek and the time comes on when you flick your wrist. I use the heart rate monitor when I’m exercising. This comes with an app to download in order to get to all of your data and settings, but it’s a lightweight app and easy to use. The notifications are SO nice. I love being able to see when I have a text or phone…

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Fitness Tracker,Teslasz Bluetooth 4.0 Sleep Monitor Calorie Counter Pedometer Sport Activity Tracker for Android and IOS Smart Phone (Pink)
but this thing is awesome! $16 I don’t write reviews often … but this thing is awesome! $16.99?!?! I’ve only had it a couple of days but even if stopped working tomorrow, I think I already got my money’s worth! My daughter was able to synch it to my android phone in less than 5minutes! (I would have done it myself but I couldn’t find a magnifying glass to read the instructions!) it’s comfortable to wear and any time I count my steps … it counts them exactly the same! I bought a no-name $40 tracker a couple of years…


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