⌚The Newest Addition to the Portfolio of Award-Winning Smartwatches! ⌚

Designed for men and women, this waterproof fitness smartwatch comes with automatic sleep tracker, inactivity alert, heart rate tracker, and blood pressure tracker. With accurate time monitoring system, our fitness tracker activity band tracks your steps, distance covered, running speed, calories burned and number of minutes of activity.

With just one notification reminder, you will get a better understanding of your sleep quality from your sleep history. This Smartband fitness tracker will give you better information to improve your sleeping habits. It also features a calling function which enables you to make a call and hang up; you can also send and receive messages using the smartwatch.

Exclusive & Convenient Features:

  • Record-breaking battery life
  • Distance tracker
  • Full color screen
  • Easy to charge
  • Product Features

    • ⌚FASHIONABLE Our Smartband fitness tracker can track your daily activities anywhere and anytime. It is specially designed to record daily calories intake, distance covered, number of steps and activity duration. This waterproof fitness tracker also allows you to analyze your daily, weekly and monthly fitness history to maintain a healthier lifestyle
    • 💦WATERPROOF This track watch is fully sealed by high-quality waterproof materials and can work well under water, allowing you to go about your daily routine, whether you are surfing, swimming or running on a rainy day. And yes, you do not need to take off this watch when taking a shower
    • ✅ALL IN ONE This waterproof Smartband can easily show you all of your phone’s app notifications such as calendar alerts, text messages (you can read the full text), and social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linkedin, Flickr, Email, Wechat, QQ, Line, and VK. You will never miss a call or a message. This Smartwatch sends you reminders using vibrations on your wrist
    • 💤SLEEP TRACKER Our SF115 fitness tracker can automatically record your sleep duration and pattern using a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality data: including light sleep and deep sleep. Furthermore, this Smartband can gently wake you up with a silent vibration. (Note: You need to check the sleep data and turn on the vibration alarm function in the app)
    • 💪DURABLE AND SIMPLE DESIGN A built-in low-power-consumption Bluetooth chip and a powerful rechargeable battery make your life smarter and more convenient. The design is simple, rugged, and lightweight, the large bright display is scratch- and shatterproof

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