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Comparable to name brand

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Timex Men’s T5K413 Ironman Traditional Watch with Black and Blue Nylon Band
A better Ironman design I’ve been a fan of Timex watches for most of my life, paying about $30 for one in the 1960s, and that hasn’t changed at all in 2010 because I’m still paying about $30 for my Timex watches. It is a rare case indeed when the quality of a product continually improves over several decades while the price remains the same. And as John Cameron Swayze would say in those live ads during the early years of TV, “Timex takes a lickin and keeps on tickin”.The MEGA deserves a good review after I…

Timex Mid-Size T5G971 Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Good Features at a Good Price I was looking for a heartrate monitor to track not only my aerobics workouts but also my weight training workouts. I wanted a wireless monitor with a large enough display so it was easy to read (yes, I’ve joined the reading glasses population). I needed to be able to replace the batteries myself, and it would be nice if it could tell time in case I wanted to use it as a watch.The Timex met all my needs and at a very good price. I was a bit concerned because I have a 54″ chest and…

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