Mode Operation:

1. Clockwise Mode

2 minutes turning, 6 minutes resting and cycle repeats, turning speed is about 8 turns in one minute. In this mode, the watch will be winded clockwise, and the winder works continuously, you can keep this watch on this mode for a long time.
Most automatic mechanical watches can be winded fully in this mode, but some cannot. Such as “Jaeger” etc.
Note: If you watch can only be winded anti-clockwise, please do not choose this mode. 2. Counter-clockwise Mode

It’s same setting with the Clockwise mode, the difference is the turning direction.
Note: If your watch can only be winded clockwise, please do not choose this mode. 3. Clockwise + Counter-clockwise mode

Clockwise 2 minutes turning, 6 minutes resting then Counter-clockwise 2 minutes turning, 6 minutes resting and the cycle repeats, the speed is also about 8 turns in one minute. It is an easy mode, you don’t need to know how long your watch has been winded, in this mode, the winder goes on continuously. If you want to keep this watch with you for a long time, you select this mode. 4. None-Intermittent clockwise + counterclockwise mode

Clockwise 5 minutes turning then counter-clockwise 5 minutes turning. This cycle will repeat for 3 hours then rest for 9 hours before beginning again. This mode operates on a daily basis, when you get back home, set the watch back to winder, and the watch will be fully winded within 3 hours. Then, the winder will stop for 9 hours for you to get a good rest then after 9 hour resting, it continues this mode again.

NOTE: A watch winder will not cause over-wind, if you have any question please call us. Package Include:
1x Watch Winder
1x AC Adapter

Product Features

  • Outstanding Workmanship: Fine solid wood construction. Selected PU leather and clear acrylic glass give this deluxe watch winder case a comfortable touch and enduring use; a great gift option.
  • Extremely Quiet: Japanese Mabuchi Motor offers the watch winder box long lasting running with no noise. Powered by AC adaptor(Included) or 2x AA size battery (Not included). it’s perfect to put in the bedroom, office and home.
  • Soft & Flexible Pillows: The watch winder comes with soft and flexible pillows with unique design fitted for different size watches, and it is super compact.
  • Product Size: 5.3×5.3×6.1Inch product weight: 2.5 LBS. Pillow size: 3.2 inch(diameter) x 2 inch(thickness).
  • 1-year Warranty: Excellent customer service. We are standing behind our products. Any problems please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your need.

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