Comment on Smart Watch Battery LQ-S1 Rechargable Lithium Battery with 420MAH Capacity as Well as fit for RYX-NX9,SCX-M9-CE,JHCY-S1,LHL-M9-CE,YX-W9B,M9 by .

Could use smaller packaging

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Fitness Tracker Watch, Bluetooth Smart Bracelet Waterproof Activity Tracker Wristband Wireless Touch Screen Sleep Tracker with Step Distance Calorie Counter Pedometer for iPhone Android Phone
Great price I Love it does just what I wanted it to do and more looks good, easy to use it even charges very quickly.Sedentary AlertTurn on the “Sedentary Alert” function in the app, it will vibrate to remind you to move if you stay at your seat for a long time.I will honestly say, loving my laptop, I do tend not to take short walk or move around every hour at least. This function will be indeed a great plus for me as it will improve my quality of life,…

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