This fitness tracker is elegant and featherweight – it is ideal for regular jogging, fitness exercises and running. Fit Tracker has an integrated heart rate meter and GPS connection that monitors the covered distance, speed, running cycles etc. Please, note that GPS works via app in the paired phone, tablet or computer.

Track your activities every day

Watch your steps and distance covered, monitor the cardiac frequency and burnt calories, get sedentary alerts and smart notifications. This activity tracker will provide all those.

14 exercise modes inside the smart watch

You can select from the following list of activities: fitness, running, walking, yoga, riding, dancing, football, tennis, basketball, badminton, climbing, treadmill, hiking, spinning.

Heart rate monitoring

Stay aware of your pulse rate throughout the day. This heart rate fitness tracker shows your pulse frequency and adjusts the setting according to the specific activity.

Stay in touch even when exercising

People will be able to reach you when you are jogging or training in the gym. You can receive or decline calls via the fitness watch and get notifications if text message received.

Sleep Monitor

You can track your specific sleep patterns with this fit watch and set the alarm to wake up during the right sleeping phase.

Mobile GPS connection

Monitor the running route right on the mobile phone via the APP with your pedometer watch.

Built-in USB charger and durable battery

NO USB CHARGER NEEDED! The charger is built-in the fitness tracker. Just plug in the body of the tracker to your usual USB charger.

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Product Features

  • Heart Rate Monitoring & Sleeping Cycles: Enjoy healthy lifestyle with this smart watch! It monitors your pulse and sleeping phases in an automatic mode in real-time.
  • Track Your Activities: This fitness tracker accurately records all your daily activities: steps, covered distance, burned calories, time and quality of sleeping. With IP68 waterproof standard you don’t have to worry about moistening the waterproof fitness tracker anymore.
  • Several Sports Modes and GPS Tracking: There are 14 activity modes in heart rate fitness tracker that will help you gain better insights into the data related to the targeted activity. The GPS feature of this activity tracker works via GPS of the paired phone or tablet. In the APP you will see the map with your route, covered distance, speed and other info.
  • Phone + Fit Tracker: You can answer or decline calls, get notifications of text messages right from your fitness watch.
  • Long Battery Life and Color Screen: Fit watch will be 100% charged via USB built in the fitness tracker body (need no cable) within just a couple of hours. The standby time is almost a week. Bright color screen makes this smart watch stylish and fun.

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